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Crystals and their Meanings

Crystals & Tumblestones 

These pages will give you easily obtainable information about the most widely known and used crystals and their properties/healing connections. Ideal as a reference for Healing Therapists, Healing Pouches/Mojo Bags.
Later I shall add the various essential oils that can be used with the crystals to advantage in healing pouches.

The crystals we feature are dealt with alphabetically but are by no means a comprehensive list, however they do give a very good basic grounding in crystal healing and crystal properties generally.

The Rowan Tree
The Rowan Tree at Silvermoon
brings you news of New Services and New products & readings that will be available from this site, and will eventually link to any new pages if you would like to read more about them, An exciting time for us all at Silvermoon and hopefully also for you our dear friends.

Theo Drumming

Shortly on this site Theo, Psychic Astrologer to The KN mag is offering Astrology Profiles for New Babies...What a lovely gift idea! and
a new project for Theo.
crystal ball
I am offering a NEW form of Absent Healing
which also involves the person receiving
the healing in a very dynamic way!
This is being tested at the
moment and looks to
be very promising!
Psychic White Lily
In the near future I shall be once again working
with Lily our resident Wiccan and
Spell-Caster from her own site.
For Those we love in Spirit.
Introducing our new 'For Those in Spirit' Page on our main site. Where you can have your loved ones remembered and a candle lit for them!.
The Rowan Tree will bring you news monthly about any and all changes at Silvermoon.










These Very Special MOJO POUCHES On Sale from Crystal at Silvermoon.

Lovely soft chamois-leather pouches which contain a mixture of crystals herbs and spices and more to encourage wealth, or protect, or encourage LOVE!

Wear traditionally round the neck the pouch is not seen, These pouches are created in the tradition of the Shaman/ medicine person and are offered to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky in a shamanistic ceremony, before sealing in plastic pouches to be opened only by you! A modern day connection with the ancient world!   see here!

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